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Product & Platform Development

We offer the services needed to grow and operationalize your business including product and platform development where and when you need it most.

Additional representative services include business strategy/planning, marketing, sales/business development and financial modeling.


Our services are delivered using the Agile methodology to give your business a solid and scalable foundation for continued growth.

Business Meeting

Business Strategy/Planning

An important part of the success of your business is knowing up front what it will take to make your vision a reality. Our team has built several companies from the ground up, launched market leading products/services, and created successful exits. A critical component of what we do is sharing with you our insights and working with you to create a winning strategy and plan that will achieve sustainable success in the market.


Every tech start-up needs software to create the product or solution to the problem they are solving.  

We specialize in using the Agile methodology to build scalable software solutions that support your vision and map to the needs of your customers. We develop everything you need from integration with other systems to desktop, Web or mobile applications.  

We pride ourselves on developing a strong partnership with you as part of our commitment to Agile to ensure your success by providing production-ready products or solutions every two weeks for continuous improvement and feedback. 


Once your product or solution is ready, and often before, you need to make sure that you're able to communicate its value to your target customers. We use the same Agile methodology as our development teams to build an effective go-to-market that ensures that the right message is being delivered at the right time to the right audience using the most effective communication channel(s).

We are able to provide you with everything you need from creating a brand/identity system to a rapidly iterated omni-channel digital marketing programs delivered through social media, mobile applications, email, websites, retargeting, search engines, or any new emerging digital channel. 

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